BLINKs Are Ready For Jisoo To Make Her Acting Debut And They’ve Already Found The Perfect Role

They can’t wait to see actress Jisoo:

BLINKs are more than ready to see BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo make her debut as an actress and they already have her first role picked out for her.


With her irresistible charm on and off stage, dedication to working hard, and visuals for days it really wouldn’t be hard to imagine Jisoo take on a role in a popular K-Drama. And now, more than ever, fans are really hoping to see Jisoo make her debut as an actress too.


On top of everyone’s belief that Jisoo would be an amazing actress, BLINKs think they’ve already found the perfect first role for her too! Not too long ago, a list of webtoon series up set to be turned into dramas were revealed. Among those on the list was the very popular webtoon series True Beauty or The Secret of Angel (여신강림).


The hugely popular series tells the story of Lim Jugyeong, a shy comic book fan who masters the art of makeup and watches her popularity soar. But she also wonders how long she can keep her “real self” a secret! And it’s this role that BLINKs think would be perfect for Jisoo.


Not only do fans think they match well visually…


They also think the role would be the perfect fit because Jugyeong and Jisoo are both known for their bright and cheerful personalities.


Fans are so convinced this is the perfect role for her that they’ve been asking the writer of the series to consider Jisoo for the role and begun trending the hashtag #JisooforTrueBeauty to spread the word.


Although when this webtoon will be turned into a drama has not been announced, maybe one day soon we’ll be able to see actress Jisoo!