BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Is A Caring Senior To Somi—Even In “Animal Crossing”

“I see Jisoo every day in there…”

Since everyone has a lot of free time on their hands, one of the popular ways to pass that time is playing the newly released Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch. Many idols have joined in on the craze, including BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo.

As her senior, Jisoo has always looked out for her. In the latest episode of Somi‘s I Am Somi, she revealed the funny way that Jisoo’s kindness transfers over into their gameplay together.

While in the studio with resident YG Entertainment producer Teddy, Somi couldn’t help but mention the game that’s been the talk of the town, “Everyone’s playing this.”

Whipping her Switch out, she couldn’t wait to show Teddy her character. It turns out he was also playing it. Since they were already on the topic of the game and playing it, she thought of the time she’s spent playing with Jisoo.

With her eyes nearly glued to the screen of the game, Somi confessed that she sees Jisoo often but not how or when one would expect, “I see Jisoo every day in there, at the break of dawn.” What she revealed next proved how caring Jisoo is to her.

After calling Jisoo “so cool,” Somi shared what made her come to that conclusion. Jisoo had seen the way she was living in the game and took matters into her own hands, “She told me to get a proper room’s worth and gave me 25,000 bells.”

Hearing what happened made Teddy laugh. Wondering if Somi had accepted the offer, he asked how it went down. Somi didn’t hesitate to answer, “Right off the hook.” That made both of them laugh.

It didn’t come for free, though. Somi added, “I have to pay for my rent.”

When someone typically plays a game, the last thing they’re thinking about is how well someone else is doing. Jisoo not only tapped into the nature of Animal Crossing by lending a hand but went a step further by making sure Somi was well taken care of.

Watch Somi reveal how caring Jisoo is, even when it comes to playing video games. For more fun moments like this, check out the rest of I Am Somi as well.