BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Chose Two Members She’d Date If They Were Guys

Jisoo wanted to have her cake and eat it too. Who could blame her?

When faced with the question of which BLACKPINK member she’d date if they’d magically transformed into a guy, Jisoo couldn’t settle for one. She ended up choosing two members that would be her type.

After all, if all the members look this handsome as guys, it’s a tough choice to just settle for picking one.

During a past fansign, there was one member that had come to mind for Jisoo. She wrote down the name of their youngest member: the lovely Lisa. There was a specific reason for the choice.

Whether it was a trait she liked about Lisa or part of her true ideal type, Jisoo gravitated toward her for a simple reason. It was because she’s tall. BLINKs noticed two funny things about this answer.

In one of their live broadcasts, Lisa had named another member as the one she’d date. She’d named Jennie, which hilariously had Jisoo leaning in to question why. Fortunately, Jisoo had her eye on another member, though.

Before she’d chosen Lisa, she’d seemed to have picked Rosé. Since she’s taller than Lisa, the choice makes sense. There was another reason she’d named the adorable Australian, though.

Since there’s nothing better than Rosé’s beautiful voice backed by her guitar, Jisoo explained, “She would sing for me and play guitar for me.”

Jisoo knows her members well. She has all the bases covered with these two, having her cake and eating it too.