BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Couldn’t Forget To Wear Her Birthday Gift From Jennie

Jisoo didn’t want to make Jennie mad again.

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo recently celebrated her birthday and received a gift from Jennie that made it all the more special.


When she’d first received it, she hadn’t worn it, making Jennie just a bit mad. Jisoo learned her lesson, though, and wore it out recently.

On her recent live broadcast, Jisoo shared how Jennie had sent the gift to the restaurant where she was celebrating her birthday with a party thrown by her friends. She’d been surprised by the effort and happily accepted the ring. Later on, Jennie wasn’t so pleased.

My friends threw a birthday party for me. Jennie sent a birthday gift to the restaurant.

When they were back at home, Jennie noticed that Jisoo wasn’t wearing it. She bombarded her with questions about it. Jisoo then soothed her by apologizing and explaining why. It wasn’t because she didn’t cherish it.

What? Aren’t you wearing it? Why aren’t you wearing it?

It was because Jisoo doesn’t feel comfortable wearing any jewelry while at home. To keep Jennie’s feelings in mind, she declared that she would wear it whenever she’s around her. It turns out Jisoo kept her promise and more with her appearance at a recent Jimmy Choo event.

I am not wearing any since I’m home… I have to wear this whenever I see her.

To compliment her black dress and designer clutch, Jisoo was spotted wearing the ring (the one on the right) on her left hand.

Jisoo wanted everyone to see her birthday ring from Jennie. Listen to Jisoo talk about it, starting from 1:29.