Take A Look Inside Dior’s Workshop And Archive With BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Learn about Dior’s history with Tour Guide Jisoo!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is so well-loved and respected as a Dior ambassador that she was allowed to visit the iconic brand’s workshop and archive during her trip to Paris for Fashion Week!

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @GlobalJisoo/Twitter

In a new video on Christian Dior‘s YouTube channel, Jisoo got a sneak peek at the pieces modeled on the runway during Paris Fashion Week, as well as a look at the archives of the brand’s previous collections. She visited the atelier (workshop) where Dior’s pieces are sewn and Dior Heritage, which is where the brand’s archives are housed.

| Christian Dior/YouTube

Jisoo especially loved a blue dress she saw in the atelier. The bow on the dress paid homage to the work of Marc Bohan, who was the creative director of Dior for 30 years and the longest-serving designer at Dior ever. The worker who was showing Jisoo around explained, “This little bow is really Dior from the 1960s by Marc Bohan, and we have some pleats to make it more princess-like.”

Jisoo was excited to visit Dior Heritage and get a look at how the fashion brand has evolved over the years. Maria Grazia, the current creative director of Dior, often visits Dior Heritage to find inspiration for her designs in Dior’s older collections.

Jisoo gasped when she walked into a room where some of Marc Bohan’s designs were displayed. Her tour guide said, “In this room, we can see some garments designed by Marc Bohan. Marc Bohan used a lot of bright colors, and Maria Grazia has been inspired by those colors.”

Jisoo was amazed by how well the oldest pieces on display have been preserved. She said, “These are objects from the 1950s, but they are very well preserved.”

Christian Dior included a “Bobby” piece in each of his collections in honor of his dog, Bobby. Jisoo was delighted to hear this and told the tour guide about her own beloved pup, Dalgom.

Jisoo also got to see a Lady Dior bag that was “designed in 1995 and was offered to Princess Lady Diana.” Jisoo fell in love with the handbag at first sight and jokingly pretended to walk away with it.

Jisoo even got a chance to look at the latest Dior designs with the brand’s creative director, Maria Grazia. Maria Grazia described the collection as “playful” and showed Jisoo a skirt and shoes she could wear during concerts.

Jisoo also got to try out the latest Dior handbags, and she loved every single one of them!

Looks like Jisoo had a great time at the Dior Atelier and Dior Heritage!

See the full video below to join Jisoo on her Dior tour.