BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Spills On Her Childhood Dream Jobs… And The Relatable Reasons She Gave Them Up

As a child, she had three careers she dreamed of.

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is continually proving her versatile skill set whether she’s astounding fans with her live singing…


Her clean dancing…

Or her astounding acting.

But although it’s difficult to see Jisoo as anything other than a world-renowned superstar, becoming an idol wasn’t always Jisoo’s dream. In an interview with Teen Vogue, Jisoo revealed that she first wanted to be a painter as a child.

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But because drawing was too difficult at the time, she switched career ambitions.

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Next, Jisoo decided that she wanted to be a doctor.

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But given the amount of studying involved, the now-idol decided that couldn’t be her career path.

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So then Jisoo decided to dream about a job that used her skills. Explaining that she wanted to be a basketball player since she “was good at shooting hoops.”

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But even though she couldn’t control her height, Jisoo felt like she was too short to pursue basketball.

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Fortunately for fans, Jisoo eventually found her path to becoming a K-Pop idol, where she has gone on to achieve some incredible feats with her recent solo debut and, of course, as part of BLACKPINK.

You can read more about her interview here.

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Source: Teen Vogue


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