Even Security Couldn’t Stop BLACKPINK’s Jisoo From Showing Love To Fans

She spoke with security to make it happen 🥺

The members of BLACKPINK are always showing how much they appreciate fans. For one of those sweet moments, Jisoo warmed hearts for the humble way she went about showing her love for BLINKs.

Jisoo | Weverse

When attending Dior‘s first fashion show as an ambassador for the brand, Jisoo was just as excited to greet all of the fans who’d been waiting to see her. She waved and blew kisses and even went a step further.

After walking down the stairs, Jisoo wanted to do a bit more for the BLINKs who’d been waiting two hours just to see her. She approached her security team and cutely said, “I want to say, ‘Hi,’ to them.

With the fans chanting her name and security doing their best to keep the barricades in place, Jisoo walked closer to fans. While maintaining a safe distance, she greeted as many fans as she could before waving goodbye.

Seeing how determined Jisoo was to greet BLINKs, many were touched by how humble she was and loved that she went the extra mile just to show her appreciation.

| Weverse

Watch Jisoo show how precious fans are to her, with the help of security.