Haters Are Claiming Jisoo Shouldn’t Model For Thief And Heist Jewelry But They Are So Wrong

They are so wrong it hurts!

The thought of BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo receiving even more love while taking over the fashion industry as an exclusive model or ambassador is a dream come true. But when Jisoo’s time to shine came, haters made it hard for BLINKs to truly celebrate.


A few days ago, BLINKs found out that Jisoo is the first person ever to wear the exclusive pink tag from jewelry brand Thief And Heist. Created by Francesca Amfitheatrof the director of jewelry and watches at Louis Vuitton, Theif And Heist has become one of the most highly anticipated brands in fashion.


To know that Jisoo is the first person to wear their first piece is amazing! In fact, BLINKs even got to see Jisoo rocking the special accessory!


While fans couldn’t be more excited for Jisoo, the feeling was dampened by all the unnecessary comments haters left on Thief And Heist’s social media pages. While the company did their best to delete hate comments since they didn’t want anyone hating on Jisoo either…


Their efforts didn’t go as smoothly as hoped. Trolls continued to flood the page leaving hateful messages between all the supportive ones.


Things continued to escalate to the point that Theif And Heist ultimately made the decision to delete their original posts with Jisoo and re-upload it with the hashtag #nohate!


Unfortunately, the trolls wouldn’t stop their hate parade and eventually, the company decided to simply take down the posts with Jisoo from their main page.


Although no one is sure if they will re-upload the pictures later, everyone is coming out to defend Jisoo and show all those haters that they couldn’t be more wrong! Many BLINKs have taken to posting about the incident on Twitter to spread awareness while many others have been posting support for Jisoo under Thief And Heist’s Instagram post about the special tag.


Those haters obviously don’t know what they’re talking about. With Jisoo’s stunning talents on stage, sweet personality, and visuals for days, there’s no doubt in our minds that model Jisoo is the best thing ever!