BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Hilariously Mistook MOMOLAND’s JooE For Rosé

They both were amused by the funny situation 😆

Whenever idols attend special events or awards shows featuring many of their fellow artists, it can be easy to get swept up in the chaos. From becoming lost and separated from their groups to talking to someone they hadn’t meant to, anything can happen.

In the middle of the Gaon Chart Music Awards, BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo ended up doing the latter. Having an adorably embarrassing moment, she mistook MOMOLAND‘s JooE for her fellow member Rosé.

With all the groups standing on stage, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, and MOMOLAND were close to each other. Thinking one of her fellow members was standing beside her, Jisoo naturally began a conversation. When she didn’t receive a response, that’s when she noticed something was off.

Turning her head to see who was beside her, Jisoo realized the person wasn’t any of her members. JooE was the one who was standing there. Jisoo looked at her for a long moment, trying to process what was happening as JooE politely smiled. They both bowed to each other, Jisoo covering her face in embarrassment.

After they both realized the case of mistaken identity, they both couldn’t keep straight faces. JooE brightly smiled, moving to the side. Still covering her face, Jisoo laughed while moving closer to her members.

Even though she’d already moved away, JooE still had a smile on her face. That’s when Jisoo began to talk to the member who she’d really meant to speak to: Rosé, who was beside Jennie and Wendy.

Although it was a bit of an embarrassing moment for Jisoo, they now have a funny memory to remember from that night. Everyone could use an entertaining moment every so often.

Watch the adorably embarrassing moment that reminded everyone of EXO‘s Sehun mistaking SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan for NCT 127‘s Johnny.