BLINKs Are Volunteering To Translate For Jisoo Just So They Can Hear Her Voice

Jisoo didn’t say anything during an interview and fans don’t want it to happen again:

BLACKPINK and Apple Music Beats 1 recently surprised fans with a mini-interview, the only problem was that fans didn’t get to hear Jisoo‘s lovely voice once!


Ahead of their history-making Coachella schedule, BLACKPINK sat down with Apple Music Beats 1! In the mini-interview that was recently uploaded online, fans got a glimpse into what BLACKPINK thinks of the US and how it feels to be a part of K-Pop.


While BLINKs absolutely loved the interview, they were very disappointed that they didn’t really get to hear Jisoo’s answers to the questions and couldn’t help expressing some of that disappointment online.


But fans were quick to come up with a solution! BLINKs know that Jisoo could totally crush it when it comes to English, but they also understand that it’s a lot more comfortable for her to use her native Korean. Which is why they are more than willing to translate for her!


BLINKs quickly started volunteering their services in the hopes that if a longer version of the interview is released they can share Jisoo’s excitement and experiences at Coachella and beyond with everyone!

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is getting ready to blow everyone away with their Coachella performances starting on April 12!