BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Knows All About Her Bottle Meme, Here’s What She Had To Say About It

“I didn’t know this was shown.”

All eyes were on BLACKPINK when they attended the 2017 Seoul Music Awards. With their stunning outfits and charismatic performances, they were hard to miss.

It’s no wonder that the camera couldn’t stop following them around! It even caught Jisoo when she was playing with a bottle while the hosts were on stage.

Needless to say, fans loved it! The incident became a well-known inside joke among BLINKs in Korea and all over the globe.

When discussing nicknames in one of their comeback broadcasts, Jisoo revealed that she knows all about her Seoul Music Award mishap. She said that she actually likes the nickname that came from it: “Water Bottle Chu”.

Explaining her perspective in detail, she didn’t know anyone would notice her antics, saying, “I didn’t know this was shown, but the camera caught it”.

Embarrassed, she was not! Jisoo knew all about her fans’ loving reactions and said she was thankful for their positive reactions.

Fans gave a new nickname for me. They made memes with the bottle image. I was touched. It was so cute. BLINKs are so cute.

— Jisoo

Remembering the moment, Jennie told fans that she tried to stop Jisoo from potentially embarrassing herself: “I belatedly took the bottle out of her hand…but it was on the show”.

Like Jisoo, she was also grateful for their fans for sticking with them through thick and thin.

Still, BLINKs supported us. I think BLINKs like us no matter what we do. Now please try this with a bigger bottle.

— Jennie

If you want to see the incident they were discussing, check out the full video below!

Source: Naver