A Fan Wanted To Ask BLACKPINK’s Lisa To Marry Them But Jisoo Had Other Ideas

Jisoo had her own answer to the fan’s proposal:

As extremely talented, sweet, and beautiful individuals BLACKPINK have stolen many hearts over the years. It’s no surprise that BLINKs want to know the perfect way to ask for their hand in marriage! But when one fan did just that at a recent concert, Jisoo showed that she had other ideas!


BLACKPINK recently performed in Melbourne, Australia as part of their In Your Area world tour. As usual, they were pure fire and left the entire crowd gasping for breath with their amazing performances and interactions!


While there were a ton of amazing moments from the concert, there is one that’s been receiving a lot of attention. During the concert, one BLINK held up a sign reading “how to marry Lisa.” When Lisa saw the sign, her reaction was incredibly adorable!


But Lisa wasn’t the only member to see the sign. When Jisoo caught sight of it…well…her reaction was priceless!


The fan, @minhsami, recently shared their experience along with clips of both Lisa and Jisoo’s reaction to the sign and the posts have been receiving a whole lot of love from BLINKs…


Especially Jisoo’s hilarious reaction to the sign and it’s clear to see why!