BLACKPINK’s Jisoo And Lisa Had The Most Savage Exchange About Their Makeup

Jisoo gave Lisa just three out of five.

The BLACKPINK members are so close to each other, they don’t hold back when it comes to joking around. Their savage remarks often get caught on camera, especially for eldest member Jisoo and maknae Lisa.

From Jisoo saying that Lisa’s English is “a pity”…

…to Lisa making fun of her gaming habits, their age difference is hardly seen.

Another instance where they were pretty savage to each other was during an online broadcast. The girls were asked to rank each other’s makeup skills at that moment, and Jisoo didn’t hold back!

She turned to Lisa, inspected her for a second, and gave a mere three out of five as a score.

The younger member immediately demanded for an explanation, to which Jisoo promptly replied, “You know what? Your eyebrows have some empty spots”.

Without hesitation, Lisa shot back, “Yours too!” Even if she didn’t mean it, she couldn’t stand having her makeup looked down upon!

Jisoo pretended to choke her amidst the laughter of the other girls.

When it comes to their friendship, there’s no denying that Lisa and Jisoo are close!

Source: VLIVE