BLACKPINK Jisoo Looks Deadly Sexy In Prada Miniskirt (10+ Photos) 

She stole the show that night.

Jisoo simply showed up to one of her first official fashion events and ended up being one of the most talked about topics online!


Her badass outfit was certainly one of the most talked about items of the day as she graced the press at the Prada Comix Party held in their flagship store in Cheongdam.


She was wearing Prada from head to toe from her hooded jacket, clutch black, wrap mini-skirt to her satin platform heels.


In fact, it was her sexy miniskirt that created such a bold and fierce style, leaving fans gobsmacked by her toned physique and flawless legs.


She’s no devil that wears Prada—she’s an angel!



Source: StarNews