BLACKPINK Thinks Jisoo Would Win An Oscar, Here’s Why

They explained why she’d be the best nominee.

Is there an Oscar in BLACKPINK‘s future? If so, Jisoo might win it.


BLACKPINK recently sat down with Billboard to play the game ‘How Well Do You Know Your Bandmates?’. They answered questions like this one by holding up headshots of their members:


Two of the four votes for this question went to Jisoo, for good reason.


“I choose Jisoo because she’s got such a unique face,” Rosé said. “She’s just got an actress type face.”


Jisoo proudly (and cutely) showed off her beautiful ‘actress’ for the camera. It’s easy to picture her on the Oscars’ stage, giving an acceptance speech in the future.


Jisoo didn’t explain why she chose Lisa as BLACKPINK’s Oscar nominee, but Jennie said she chose Rosé because Rosé is good at impressions. According to Jennie, those impressions could transition into acting!


Watch BLACKPINK play the whole game here: