10+ Photos of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Looking Pure as Snow in L.A. and New York

A sneak peek into the daily life of Jisoo.

During BLACKPINK‘s visit to the States, Jisoo gave her fans a sneak peek into her daily life by sharing photos of herself in L.A. and New York.

Her journey started at a candy store where she seemed thrilled to be surrounded by so much American candy.

But the true focus of the photos is Jisoo herself. The way she is portrayed in every photo is full of youth and innocence.

It’s hard not to smile along when Jisoo looks so pure and full of joy. And her beauty just can’t be described with words.

In some other photos, Jisoo can be seen posing naturally in a parking lot in a gorgeous red outfit.

The way the sun hits her body probably makes you wish spring would come sooner.

Don’t these photos make you want to be in L.A.?

Jisoo also shared a photo of herself at Steven Colbert’s Late Show. That was BLACKPINK’s first American TV debut, and they killed it with their performance of “DDU-DU DDU-DU”.

BLACKPINK also appeared on Good Morning America in Times Square where they left a very strong impression on the American audience.

In her more recent photos, she wished her fans a Happy Valentine’s Day with a bright smile on her face.

She truly looks carefree and happy, don’t you think?

Here’s hoping you have a safe trip back home, Jisoo!

Source: Dispatch