BLACKPINK Turned Into Predebut Jisoo Thanks To A Cardboard Cutout And It Was Too Cute To Handle

BLACKPINK had a ton of fun turning into Jisoo!

BLACKPINK took a journey back in time and turned into a very cute predebut Jisoo!


When it comes to adorable predebut photos, Jisoo definitely has some of the cutest ones around! BLINKs have fallen in love with every single one of her predebut photos they’ve come across, but there’s always been one photo in particular that has captured everyone’s heart!


The schoolgirl Jisoo with her bobbed haircut has made plenty of appearances over the years and it recently popped up once again during BLACKPINK’s recent fansign event!


During the event, a BLINK surprised BLACKPINK with a giant cardboard cutout of the picture. But the best part was that the photo had been modified so that all of the members could try it out…


And of course, they did!


The giant cutout got passed around with each of them taking turns transporting themselves back in time to Jisoo’s school days!


And there was no doubt that they had a ton of fun with the cutout!


BLINKs have been loling over the cute gift and BLACKPINK’s adorable reaction to it while absolutely falling in love with the whole moment!