BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Once Courageously Faced Her Fears And Proved Just How Brave She Is While Ziplining

She’s so brave!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo showed how brave she truly is while ziplining with her members in Thailand!

Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

While filming BLACKPINK House in Thailand, BLACKPINK went ziplining. Although the other members were excited, Jisoo was a little scared.

“I’m scared of heights, so I don’t like looking down from high places.” | BLACKPINK/YouTube

As the group received safety training before putting on their ziplining equipment, Rosé reassured Jisoo that the attendant would make sure they’re safe.

As they walked to the zipline course, Jisoo said “it’s scary!” 

When they made it to the zipline course, Jisoo was still afraid. She said she didn’t know when she should take her turn, and she asked “When will it be the least scary?” 

Watching Jennie zipline made Jisoo more scared, and she said “it’s scarier watching.” 

After watching Rosé and Lisa take their turns, reality set in and Jisoo realized it was time to face her fears.

Although she was scared while waiting for her turn to zipline, Jisoo’s frown turned into a smile once she actually started ziplining!

Jisoo faced her fears and ended up having a great time with the rest of the BLACKPINK members!

See the full ziplining clip below.