BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Looked Like A Real-Life Fairy In Recent Airport Photos

With her sparkling eyes and cuteness, Jisoo had everyone seeing a real-life fairy:

Ahead of their schedule in Japan, BLACKPINK were spotted at the airport bringing some serious heat with their flawless fashion and goddess-level visuals.


But with her fair and unblemished skin, sparkling eyes, and an overall sense of cuteness, Jisoo also had everyone seeing a fairy come to life!


Dressed all in black with a red lip, Jisoo looked elegant, sophisticated, and chic.


With her visuals shining through she definitely had everyone seeing the goddess that she is!


But paired with her dazzling smile and twinkling eyes, she took her elegant and chic visuals and added a layer of playfulness and pure Jisoo charm that took her look to the next level.


Pretty soon, everyone was seeing a real-life fairy right before their eyes!


And not just any fairy, a true fairy queen!


With her fairy-like visuals stealing hearts right and left, Jisoo certainly left everyone feeling more than a little breathless.


A goddess, a fairy, and a queen, Jisoo is definitely all that and more!