BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Response To A Fan Wanting To Marry Dalgom Was Priceless

Lisa couldn’t stop laughing at Jisoo.

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and Lisa surprised fans with a live broadcast, responding to all the comments and questions they could while playing with their kitty friends.

One, in particular, caught Lisa’s attention for how amusing it was and made Jisoo react like a protective mom to her precious dog Dalgom.

Reading it aloud, Lisa turned to Jisoo, “If I can’t marry Jisoo, can I marry Dalgom?” As Jisoo processed the question, the look on her face hinted at what kind of reaction she’d have.

Looking completely shocked, Jisoo yelled, “No!” Lisa burst into laughter over how passionate her refusal was. Jisoo wasn’t done, though.

With an expression that was just a bit angry, Jisoo shouted, “He’s my son! No!” That really had Lisa cracking up, clapping her hands over how funny she was being.

Lisa wanted to double-check if that could possibly change in the future, translating it into Korean to make sure, “Never?” Jisoo still wasn’t having it when it came to Dalgom, “Never.”

Actor Jisoo continued, making a funny face while drawing a line in the sand, “Dalgom is mine.” Lisa showed her sadness for the fan, “Awww…”

Jisoo heartfelt claim on Dalgom was so funny that BLINKs even noticed that the phrase trended in the Philippines afterward.

At this rate, it looks like Dalgom’s relationship status won’t be changing for a very long time.

See Jisoo switch into over-protective mom mode when it came to Dalgom, beginning at 38:25.