BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Revealed The Ingenious Way She Takes “Rain Drop” Photos Even When It’s Not Raining

You can copy her too!

BLACKPINK may be the ones who usually stay in front of the camera to have their photos taken, but that’s not to say that they can’t be behind it either. In the show We Will Channel You, Jisoo and Rosé proved they’re not just capable models—they’re great photographers as well.

With just one phone, they were able to take professional-looking images. One specific tip they revealed showed how to make it “rain” despite it being a completely sunny day. There were only two things needed: a transparent umbrella and a bottle of water.

Jisoo was seen opening the bottle and connecting it to the tip of the umbrella.

With one swift move, she righted the umbrella and the contents of the bottle gracefully fell downwards.

It created a rain-like effect for a few seconds, enough time for Rosé to take multiple shots of her unnie.

The end result was a simple but impactful set of photos that successfully showed Jisoo’s emotions.

Anyone can copy her resourcefulness! Jisoo ended the segment by reminding everyone, “Make sure to use tap water”.