BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Revealed The Names Their Group Could’ve Been Called

Jisoo was thankful they didn’t go with any of them.

In a past interview that’s resurfaced, BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo revealed some names that their group could’ve debuted with.

Before they were graced with their current name, they nearly debuted as “PinkPunk.” Before that one, though, they had far more interesting ones that Jisoo would’ve liked to forget about.

To keep in line with their theme of pairing softness and aggression, Jisoo also shared the name “Baby Monster,” which could be seen in one of their early teaser images on shopping bags.

The name that shocked them all was “Magnum,” which made them all thankful for the birth of BLACKPINK.

What do you think of the colorful group names they could’ve gone with? Just imagining them saying, “Baby Monster in your area,” has BLINKs laughing.