BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Revealed Her Self-Chosen English Name, And It’s Definitely Unexpected

Can you guess what it is?

Every BLACKPINK member has English names—Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé—except for Jisoo. Born and raised in South Korea, she’s the only one who did not speak English while growing up.

That isn’t to say, however, that she isn’t capable of it. With Jennie as her teacher, she’s become adept at understanding and communicating in the language.

She even has her own self-chosen English name! She revealed it after BLACKPINK was asked to speak the language in their 3rd anniversary online broadcast.

Okay, it’s my time.

— Jisoo

After saying, “I have a new name, you know?” Rosé couldn’t help but commend her for improving her English.

Showing off just how good she is, Jisoo revealed the unique name that she chose.

Her members couldn’t help but laugh at her choice! Even fans commented that they didn’t understand her special name, asking if she meant, “Jisoo Lady Kim? Lady Kim?”

Jisoo clarified that her middle name is, in fact, “Turtle Rabbit”, and not just “Turtle”. She didn’t accept any other variations of her name.

The eldest member previously made headlines when she went to the airport dressed in a turtle and rabbit ensemble. With a bright smile on her face, it was evident to everyone that she loved the combination.

Check out the full video below!


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