BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Reveals Most Memorable Night From Their Trainee Days

She also shares her favorite things to do at night.

In an interview for the night-themed edition of Jalouse China, the magazine asked BLACKPINK, “Which is the most memorable night that BLACKPINK spent together?”


The question made Jisoo think of a memory from their trainee days.

As trainees, they would practice until very late at night. After one of those long practice sessions, all of BLACKPINK recharged by going out for lamb skewers.

I remember when we were trainees, we practiced late into the night and then went out for lamb skewers.

When asked “how [she] spends [her] nights,” Jisoo stated that it’s the time where she can focus more because it’s quieter. It creates the perfect atmosphere for her to play games or watch films.

I usually watch movies or play games at night. That’s because at night, it’s relatively quieter so I can focus more easily.

After spending quite a few years together, there are memories they can’t forget. Whether it’s late-night snacking or crushing another level in video games, Jisoo has done it all.

Source: Jalouse China