Someone Photoshopped Short Hair On BLACKPINK’s Jisoo And The Results Are Stunning

Even Jisoo was impressed with the results:

Someone recently photoshopped short hair on BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and not only are the results stunning, even Jisoo herself thought they were impressive!


Although Jisoo always looks amazing, a recent series of photos have been sweeping through the internet and leaving everyone feeling pretty attacked. In them, Jisoo can be seen rocking a much shorter hairdo and looking absolutely stunning.


The photos were so good that it was if BLINKs didn’t know Jisoo had just been to the salon and debuted a different hairstyle recently, they might have thought she had actually done the big chop.


While BLINKs weren’t fooled, there was someone that was! Jisoo recently revealed that her very own sister thought she had gotten the haircut and messaged Jisoo exclaiming that she loved the new look!

“Who photoshopped me in short hair? My unnie told me I cut it well and sent me a photo.”

— Jisoo


Her sister also sent her a photo along with the message and Jisoo was obviously impressed at the BLINKs handiwork because she asked fans to track down the person responsible!

“Who photoshopped this? You’re this year’s best photoshopper! BLINKs get a move on and catch this person!”

— Jisoo


Learning that Jisoo had not only seen the photos but liked them too has made many fans chuckle. They love the fact that they were “caught” by Jisoo and hope she considers changing up her hairstyle to this shorter look someday.


Currently, the hunt is still ongoing for the mystery photoshopper but we can all still send them a major round of applause for these stunning photos that even Jisoo herself loves!