BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Spills On Her Fool-Proof Trick For Falling Asleep

It works better than listening to music.

Some people have trouble falling asleep at night, while others can close their eyes and drift right off. In an interview with Vogue Korea, the magazine asked BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo if there was anything she did to fall asleep easier.

Since a lot of people listen to music, they asked her what songs she listens to when she can’t fall asleep. Taking a moment to think, Jisoo admitted that she didn’t listen to music before going to bed. Instead, there was something else she did to relax.

Jisoo took a quieter route to relax, “When I can’t fall asleep, I usually put on an eye mask rather than listening to something.” By blocking out her sight, she can truly focus on the most important part of trying to fall asleep.

It’s all about letting her mind wander, “I imagine and think about different things.” Every minute of every day, everyone is thinking about a million things at once. Instead of distracting yourself by listening to music, it’s more efficient to address those thoughts and sort through them.

By the time Jisoo thinks them through and can even realize it, those thoughts have then turned into dreams, effectively putting her to sleep.

Who knew that falling asleep could be as easy as letting your brain do the work for you? There’ll be plenty of people giving this trick a try.

Watch Jisoo explain her simple but effective trick for making falling asleep just a bit smoother.