BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Story Of When She Went To The U.S. With Lisa Proves How Friendly Lisa Is

Lisa is a total sweetheart.

The charming members of BLACKPINK recently celebrated their fifth year anniversary with a live broadcast and it was full of the most adorable stories!

One cute story Jisoo shared was from a time she and Lisa went on a trip to the United States together.

Jisoo revealed that during their time in the United States, She and Lisa were merely walking down the street when unexpectedly someone said “Hello” to them.

Once I went to the U.S. with Lisa. We were walking on the street, then all of sudden, one foreigner said, ‘Hey’ and Lisa replied, ‘Hi!’

— Jisoo

The funny part of it all was that Lisa did not even know who that person was. Instead of ignoring the greeting, Lisa greeted them back. She’s a total sweetheart.

I asked her, ‘Do you know that person?,’ she was like, ‘No.’

— Jisoo

Not only did Lisa and the stranger say hello to each other, but they also high-fived! Of course, Jisoo was surprised by the random interaction.

They even high fived and walked past. I was like surprised. How could you run into someone you know the streets? Lisa said, ‘I don’t know who that person is.’

— Jisoo

Lisa added that the two interacted as if they had already known each other and were friends.

We greeted each other like we were best friends. The person was approaching me said, ‘Hi’ and I responded, ‘Hi!’ And we walked passed each other.

— Lisa

By the end of the story, Jennie commented, “Only Lisa can do that.” Many know that Lisa is a total sweetheart and social butterfly and this story from Jisoo definitely proves her kindness.

Check out the video below: