BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Turned The Streets Of Stockholm Into Her Personal Runway

Jisoo strutted her stuff on the streets of Stockholm:

After BLACKPINK spent some time in Hawaii filming a little for their BLACKPINK Summer Diary: In Hawaii, Lisa and Jisoo jet-set off to Stockholm, Sweden for a mysterious trip.

Although BLINKs don’t know yet whether they’re doing some more filming there, have a schedule or event in Stockholm, or are getting some well-deserved rest, there is one thing that they do know and that’s the fact that Jisoo and Stockholm are a match made in heaven!

jisoo 3


While Jisoo and Lisa have been spotted out and about in various locations around the city by BLINKs, Jisoo also decided to bless us all with some stunning photos à la model Jisoo!


In a series of recent Instagram posts, Jisoo took to the streets of Stockholm and turned them into her own personal runway.

jisoo 2

Her visuals, as always, were heart-stopping and the surroundings only added to her ethereal and angelic vibe!

jisoo 5


As Jisoo stopped to snap photos throughout the city, she left fans everywhere breathless…

jisoo 4

And made everything a little bit sweeter!

jisoo 7


Jisoo definitely proved she can have a gorgeous mini photoshoot in the streets of Stockholm …

jisoo 6

And steal everyone’s heart while doing it!

jisoo 8

. . .