BLACKPINK Jisoo’s New Nickname For TWICE’s Jeongyeon Is Way Too Cute

Jisoo surprised everyone with this cute nickname for Jeongyeon while in her new position as MC for Inkigayo!

There is nothing but positivity between BLACKPINK and TWICE as you can see from multiple fancams of them showing off their friendship.

TWICE recently appeared on SBS‘s Inkigayo, promoting their adorable hit song “KNOCK KNOCK”. The new idol MCs introduced and greeted the group with positive energy. It hasn’t been long since Jeongyeon herself completed her duties as Inkigayo MC:

“ONCEs, I want to sincerely thank you all for supporting ‘Inkigayo’ MC Jeongyeon after all this time. I will never forget the moments I shared together with ONCEs every Sunday! Thank you!”

This is why Jisoo, a rookie MC, chose to refer to her emphasizing Jeongyeon’s seniority and experience as Inkigayo MC sunbaenim’. In Korean, “sunbae” is a term used when referring to someone who entered your work or academic environment before you.

Jisoo is already being praised for being a graceful and professional host! Fans are already looking forward to even more BLACKPINK and TWICE interactions in the future!

Jisoo is doing a great job as an MC on Inkigayo!