The Jonas Brothers Want To Team Up With BLACKPINK For Their Next Collab

They didn’t hesitate to name BLACKPINK!

BLACKPINK were just chosen by The Jonas Brothers as their dream collab and fans everywhere are celebrating!


The Jonas Brothers recently played a game of “Would You Rather” With NBC‘s Today. While they answered plenty of fun and interesting questions, there was one in particular that caught the attention of K-Pop fans!


Pulling the second question from the hat, or drum in this case, Joe Jonas chose a slip of paper asking who the brothers would want to work with for their next collab.


With no hesitation at all, Joe chose BLACKPINK! And his brothers couldn’t help agreeing with him!


Fans have been flipping out over the choice and voicing their happiness and approval!


A Jonas Brothers and BLACKPINK collaboration would be pure fire, so here’s hoping we’ll get to hear what would be an amazing collab soon! Check out the moment Joe names BLACKPINK as his dream collab in the video below: