BLACKPINK Performed “Kill This Love” Live And Even Antis Were Left Breathless

Even antis couldn’t help falling for them after this performance:

BLACKPINK’s performances are always amazing but one of their latest performance has left both fans and non-fans alike absolutely breathless!


On April 10, BLACKPINK attended the Samsung Galaxy Launch Event in Bangkok and stole the show not only with their stunning performance of “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, but also their jaw-dropping “Kill This Love” stage!


They had the crowd going wild as soon as they took the stage and from there, their performance only got better!


As they danced, sang, and rapped their way through the song, they quickly stole everyone’s heart. Even non-fans were mesmerized by their performance!


Their performance soon took over the internet with everyone was commenting on their flawless live vocals.


Absolutely no one had anything negative to say about their performance and had nothing but love for them!


Both of their amazing performances are something you are definitely not going to want to miss so check it out in the video below!