BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was Absolutely Shook By Dance Move In “Kill This Love” Cover

Lisa couldn’t hide how impressed she was.

BLACKPINK joined Samsung for a special event where they answered questions asked by fans and watched a few fan covers of their songs. During a particular dance cover of “Kill This Love”, Lisa couldn’t hide how impressed she was by their moves.


The team named Gabriela, including actress Ella Cruz who is known as a famous BLINK in the Philippines, left Lisa completely speechless.

In the middle of their performance, the group gathered and leaned backward, resting in that position. The dancer on the end then broke away from the group, bending down all the way to the floor. In an extremely smooth move, she lifted herself back up to the same position the rest of the group was in. It was so fluid and unexpected that Lisa couldn’t hide her reaction.

As she watched the dance move, Lisa covered her mouth with her hands. She was so impressed that she then lifted her hands to cradle the top of her head while she let her jaw drop to the floor. Lisa was thoroughly shocked by how well the dancer was able to master the move.

Since Lisa is a dancer herself, she knows how difficult it can be to learn the move and execute it just right. It had stunned her so much that she couldn’t seem to get over it. For a long moment, Lisa just sat there with her mouth wide open, hands still resting on her head. By then, she was eagerly watching the rest of the performance for any more surprises.

Lisa may go viral with her dance covers and top lists as an amazing dancer, but even she can be impressed with someone else’s impressive skills. Watch the part of the cover that rendered Lisa speechless here.