Thai Actor James Jirayu Revealed He Was Nervous Meeting BLACKPINK’s Lisa At AIS Event

James, a.k.a “white pants guy,” talked about how nervous he was:

Thai actor, singer, and model Jirayu Tangsrisuk, also known as James Jirayu, recently revealed just how nervous he was meeting BLACKPINK‘s Lisa at the AIS 30th-anniversary event.


Although Lisa’s cute reunion with GOT7’s BamBam and all of her adorable interactions with fans certainly had everyone melting at the event, there was one more interaction that caught everyone’s attention. During the event, as all the stars lined up for photos together, BLINKs noticed the “guy in white pants” cutely trying to find a spot next to Lisa.


While he was ultimately unsuccessful standing right next to Lisa, he was obviously pretty excited about meeting her!


This “guy in white pants” was none other than James and recently, he revealed just how nerve-wracking and exciting meeting her was! During an interview, James was asked if it was true that he had received a signed copy of BLACKPINK’s album from Lisa at the event. He didn’t hesitate to reveal it was true!

Yes, she did! She gave me an album with her autograph!

— James


He also shared that he really admires her work…

I don’t think I have a high chance of getting to work together with her but I’m happy just admiring her work.

— James


And when the reporter pointed out how shy he looked at the event that day, James couldn’t help agreeing and admitted he was!

Yes, I was very shy. I have to say she is really adorable! With her cute face and cute personality! People around her can look awkward because of her cuteness!

— James


With that, James is once again making everyone melt with his sweet shy-fanboy confession. But who wouldn’t be shy meeting up with the Lalisa Manoban!

Source: @butterfly1557