BLACKPINK’s Lisa Adopted A “Baby”, And He’s Almost As Adorable As She Is

He’s so cute that you’ll want to adopt him too.

In April 2018, Lisa welcomed an adorable baby boy into the BLACKPINK family, and BLINKs absolutely love him!


Leo, a sweet bicolour kitty, is quite possibly the luckiest furbaby on the planet.


He gets to call Lisa “mom”…


…and is spoiled by three affectionate aunties!


Leo is Lisa’s third cat, but he is the only one who lives with her in Seoul.


Her other furbabies live with her family in Thailand but, luckily, Leo has an older “brother” to keep him company: Jisoo‘s dog, Dalgom.


When Lisa introduced Leo during her live broadcast…


BLINKs immediately fell for him.


The rest of BLACKPINK loves him just as much, even if he does get a little rough with them while playing!


Since that first broadcast, Leo has grown…


…and so has his bond with Lisa.


These two love spending time together, but were once temporarily separated.


In Korea, it’s usually women who must wait for their loved ones to return from military service but, in this case, Leo is doing the waiting. On July 29, 2018, Lisa began filming for Real Men 300 at the Korea Army Academy in Yeongcheon.


The day after Lisa enlisted, Jisoo added a new story to her Instagram, on Leo’s behalf. In it, she said that he is patiently waiting for his mommy to make a safe and healthy return!


Leo is still being taken care of by Lisa, who is always showcasing him and Luca on her Instagram!