BLACKPINK’s Lisa Asked Jisoo To Pick Her Favorite Among Her Cats, Here’s What Jisoo Said

She initially refused to pick any cat.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and Jisoo had a relaxing “Fun Sunday” in their online broadcast last May. They answered BLINK’s questions and played around. One thing they enjoyed doing to pass time was to cuddle with the maknae‘s beloved cats.

Though Jisoo is a dog person—being the mom of the one and only Dalgom—she also showed her affection for Louis and Leo when they dropped by.

As soon as the cats walked off after a few cuddles, Lisa asked a startling question to the eldest member: “Who do you like the best?”

Jisoo couldn’t believe her words, saying that it’s impossible to choose.

Me? How can you just pick one? I’m not so comfortable with that. That’s like, not good manners.

— Jisoo

She joked that the cats are capable of understanding them and that they’d be upset with her later on.

They’ll get together at night and dish about me: ‘Did you see her picking one favorite? One out of all of us? How could she? That’s humans for you!’

– Jisoo

After a little while, however, she admitted that Leo was particularly cute: “I also like Leo…”

Leo is Lisa’s oldest cat, an energetic and reliable male Scottish Fold who’s been with Lisa since 2018.

This isn’t the first time Jisoo showed favoritism towards Leo. She posted a photo of her hugging him on Instagram last October 2019, and her caption was a simple, “leo 😻”.

When it comes to being cat lovers, Jisoo and Lisa are both on top!

Source: VLIVE