BLACKPINK Lisa’s Bangs Are So Famous It Caused A Craze At China Salon

Ninety percent of the female customers only wanted one hairstyle…

At the mention of BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, no one can forget about her signature, unshakable bangs. Whether her hair is light or dark, short or long, her bangs are always a constant. The style even stood out to new fans who wanted to know more about Lisa after the group’s Coachella performance.

After taking the position of a mentor on the second season of China’s Youth With You, Lisa once again skyrocketed in popularity. She became so well-known to the public that everyone wanted hair like Lisa’s, putting one salon in a unique position.

Since everyone fell for Lisa’s long, wavy hair and face-framing bangs, a male hairstylist named Tony from a Hangzhou, China salon tried to fulfill that wish. Using one of his clients, he streamed himself giving someone the iconic hairstyle live, gaining thousands of viewers who tuned in.

When placing the finished hairstyle beside a photo of Lisa, it was nearly identical. Once everyone else saw how well of a job Tony did, they had to take a trip to the salon for the same style.

To prove how popular the hairstyle was among those who visited the salon, they all were asked which style they had come for. All three of the women quickly responded that they’d come to get Lisa’s bangs.

Lisa’s bangs aren’t a new style, already known as comic bangs for how they resemble the female characters in manhua, China’s version of manhwa. Yet, her popularity has brought the bangs back into popularity. Tony explained that ninety percent of the women who came to the salon only wanted Lisa’s bangs.

From his work on normal, long hair to thicker, shorter hair, no wonder many women were coming to him for the style.

Not only is Lisa so well-known for her dancing and rapping, but also her one-of-a-kind bangs. While everyone can’t recreate those skills, everyone can indeed get the same hairstyle thanks to this China salon.

Source: Weibo