Here’s The Unexpected Compliment BLACKPINK’s Lisa Wants To Hear From Her Fans

Can you take a guess?

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa loves compliments—some more than others!


She recently held a fansign event with several lucky BLINKs where she talked one-on-one with them, answering their questions and following through with their requests.

Lisa held her online fan sign event on September 18 | Lilifilm Official/YouTube

In her latest YouTube video, we all saw a glimpse of the private event. One BLINK asked her, “Is there something you want to hear from fans?” Lisa was given two options: that she’s either good looking or cool.

Though they were adjectives most commonly used to describe men, they didn’t faze her much! She did a double-take when she first heard the options then immediately chose her favorite.

Cool or good looking? She definitely prefers the latter!

Yeah, I want to hear that I’m good looking. Lisa, you’re good looking!

— Lisa

Who can deny that Lisa’s truly a good looking person?

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

With her stunning visuals, she never fails to turn heads wherever she goes.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

For more fun fan sign moments, check out the full video below.

Source: YouTube