BLACKPINK’s Lisa Cries Upon Seeing Her Past Self In “Youth With You” Trainee

She touched Lisa’s heart with her sincerity.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has been starring as a mentor on season two of Chinese show Youth With You. So far, she’s been an inspiration for the trainees who became emotional about her appearance. In the latest episode, she joined them in shedding tears, relating to one particular trainee’s situation.

Standing on stage after completing a performance, trainee Yennis Huang fought back tears as she began to say, “I’d like to say I really like Lisa very much. I’m really excited to see her.”

Before she’d even stepped on stage, she’d been watching all of Lisa’s dance videos and working on perfecting her routine to the point of fainting.

With tears in her eyes, Yennis revealed just how impactful she found Lisa’s dancing, “Her every dance is so touching.” By then, Lisa also became emotional upon hearing the trainee’s sincere words.

As a teary-eyed Lisa listened, Yennis expressed her ultimate admiration for her: “I’d really like to become someone like her, and touch everyone with my dance.” The words touched Lisa’s heart, making her break down.

When beginning to talk to Yennis, Lisa was still emotional, admitting, “Wow, I’m about to cry.” She took a few moments to gather herself the best she could. In a brief clip, she revealed what was going through her mind at the time.

Seeing how inspirational she’d been to Yennis reminded Lisa of how she used to feel when she was a trainee herself, “I used to want to be a successful idol too. Then, I looked up to my idol like that.”

The fact that Lisa achieved her dream and stood in the same position as those she once idolized made the moment even more emotional for her. “Now, I’ve become an idol myself…. an idol she’s working hard to be.”

Still holding back tears, Lisa praised Yennis and encouraged her to keep working towards her dream. “I’d like to say you did a great job. If you keep sticking to your dream, it will come true.”

Lisa finished by expressing her faith in Yennis to go far, “Because I think you are competent. So, if you keep working hard, you will succeed. You can do it.”

See Lisa’s emotional reaction to Yennis’s sincere words and seeing her past self in the trainee here.