BLACKPINK’s Lisa Debuts The “Baby Lisa Hoodie” In New IG Photos

Fans wanted to see it more clearly, so Lisa delivered.

In a recent live broadcast featuring BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and Jisoo, fans were curious about Lisa’s hoodie and mentioned how much they liked it.


Lisa explained that it was a picture of her when she was young and tried to show it as clearly as she could. Instead, she’s done something better by posting high-quality photos of herself wearing it.

Titled “Baby Lisa Hoodie”, she’s made it easier for BLINKs to take a look at a young Lisa. Back to a time when she didn’t yet have bangs. Lisa even moved the hoodie’s strings to the side for a perfect view.

If the hoodie were for sale, it would no doubt be sold out within minutes. Many BLINKs wouldn’t mind having their own hoodie with an adorable baby Lisa on it.