BLACKPINK Lisa’s Definition Of Beauty Should Be The Only One Ever

Everyone should take notes from Queen Lisa.

In an interview for Moonshot, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was asked how she would define beauty. She didn’t think there was a simple explanation.


At first, she wasn’t sure how to explain her thoughts because everyone has different appearances and charms.

Different people have different appearances and different charms, right?

She then did her best to elaborate by declaring that beauty came from the inside rather than the two areas she’d mentioned.

So, I think real beauty comes from the inside.

According to Lisa, being a kind and caring individual makes someone beautiful. In addition to that, it’s all about accepting yourself and being confident in that acceptance.

Be confident in yourself. Being beautiful in your own way, to me that’s what I call beauty.

Listen to Lisa’s definition of what she considers true beauty here. Do you agree with her perspective?