BLACKPINK’s Lisa Dishes On The Best Thing That Happened To Her In 2020

Can you guess what it is?

For a celebrity as busy and successful as BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, what could possibly stand out as the best thing that happened to her this year?

As part of her PENSHOPPE TV interview, Lisa was asked exactly that by a fan.

Could it be her successful run as a mentor on IQIYI‘s Youth With You

Her multiple brand endorsements…

Or maybe BLACKPINK’s long-awaited comeback with their first full-length album?

Turns out, it’s much more personal than that! Lisa’s choice was the release of her limited edition photobook on March 27, 2020.

| YG Entertainment

Maybe on my birthday. I had a chance to share my photobook with my fans, so that’s the best thing that happened on my birthday.

— Lisa

The most meaningful part of the release was seeing how fans received such a personal project of hers: “I could see the fan reactions, and all the pictures I took by myself, so it’s really personal and very meaningful“.

She ended by explaining how it was the best event of this year solely because she could share it with her fans.

I had a chance to share it to my fans, so that’s the best thing that happened to me this year.

— Lisa

The year 2020 was undeniably a successful one for Lisa, and there are only more good things to come!



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