BLACKPINK’s Lisa Doesn’t Need Much To Experience Pure Happiness

She wasn’t expecting its hidden ability and was that much more thankful for it.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is the cover star for ELLE Korea‘s February issue, gracing three different covers along with receiving a special spread in the magazine. In a recent video clip featuring her, the magazine gifted Lisa with something unique.


They guaranteed it would grant “small but certain happiness” and didn’t disappoint.

Once Lisa was handed the box, she unwrapped it and plucked out what was inside. As she held the stuffed animal that resembled a mini Toucan, she gushed over how cute it was. She soon realized there was something different about it.

She felt a switch on the bottom of it and flipped it on, wondering, “What is this? Does it speak?” Lisa’s thoughts weren’t too far off from the truth. The stuffed animal spoke just not how she’d been expecting it to.

While holding the stuffed bird in her hand, Lisa greeted it. The bird repeated, “Hi,” back to her. She gasped in surprise, covering her mouth as her eyes widened. She was completely caught off guard but had to test it out again.

Lisa spoke to it, “Who are you? Why are you repeating me?” Again, the stuffed bird repeated everything back to her, including her gasps. By then, she couldn’t hide her happiness, laughing at the creative toy.

With a bright smile and laughter, Lisa thanked the magazine for gifting her with such a fun toy. “This is fun. Thank you. So adorable.”

Although Lisa flies all around the world and experiences things many haven’t, she enjoys the simple things in life just like everyone else. See the look of pure happiness on her face as she’s gifted a funny, new friend.