BLACKPINK’s Lisa Got Emotional When She Heard BLINKs’ Heartfelt Message To Her

Lisa’s reaction will give you all the feels.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa spent a couple of days with fans at the fan meeting event for Moonshot and left fans falling even further in love with her. From her incredibly respectful manners to her sweet interactions with BLINKs, Lisa made all sorts of incredible new memories with fans.


Some of those memories, however, weren’t just sweet they were also a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride both for BLINKs and for Lisa too!


During the event, BLINKs decided to organize a few projects to surprise Lisa with. While the first day’s events definitely put a huge smile on Lisa’s face…


Those on the second day, not only had Lisa smiling, but had her shedding a few tears too! During the event, BLINKs organized a special video for Lisa that even included a special part where they expressed their love for her through a song in Thai.


BLINKs also shared their personal stories about how Lisa motivates them and things got a little bit more emotional.


All the love and support from BLINKs had emotions running high not only for all the fans present but for Lisa too. After seeing and hearing everything fans had done, Lisa couldn’t help shedding a few happy tears.


In turn, Lisa’s emotional display had BLINKs everywhere feeling very emotional too with fans all over the world feeling all sorts of emotions seeing the emotion-packed event.


Now does anyone have a tissue? This is too sweet!