Here’s BLACKPINK Lisa’s Favorite Hairstyle Among All The Ones She’s Tried

She also picked the era with her fave style!

When BLACKPINK‘s Lisa sat down for an interview with Penshoppe TV, she revealed new bits of information about herself such as what makes her truly happy and what goes on when she visits karaoke rooms.

She was also asked about her hair and what hairstyles she most wants to try. As a result of being active in the industry for over four years, she’s tried long, medium, and short hair in various colors.

The one she liked the best, however, was her current hairstyle, a predominantly short bob with blonde highlights.

I want to say now! Because it’s really fun hair to do. It’s only here [that it’s blonde]. I think I like this hairstyle the best.

— Lisa

The host inquired about her preference for long versus short hair, two styles that she wears back and forth. Unsurprisingly, she picked short hair as her favorite.

I love short hair! So easy to style it [and to dry in the morning].

— Lisa

Lisa with short hair | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram
Lisa with long hair

Not only does it look good on her, but it also makes preparing for schedules twice as easy compared to others.

Because girls, if they have long hair, it takes ages. So at least when I have short hair, it’s very fast.

— Lisa

Of all the hair colors available, she wants to try baby pink the most. Lisa recounted a time when she died her hair light pink, but it ended up becoming hot pink. She tried to wash her hair multiple times a day to lighten the color!

If you want to see more of Lisa’s interview, check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube