Lisa Is The First Female Idol In History To Hold This Record Thanks To BLINKs

BLINKs gave Lisa a brand new record for her birthday!

BLINKs all across the world began celebrating Lisa‘s birthday even before the clock rolled over to March 27 and when it officially did, they ended up giving Lisa a very special birthday present involving a brand new record!


Leading up to her birthday, fans began trending #AceLalisaDay and it continued to trend as Lisa’s birthday got into full swing! Lisa was soon trending all over the world and even hit no. 1 on Twitter’s worldwide trends!


Lisa trending worldwide was just the tip of the iceberg though because Lisa soon reached one million-plus Twitter birthday hashtag mentions! All those mentions meant that Lisa had officially broken another social media record and became the first ever female idol in history to reach the landmark achievement!


The moment certainly put a big smile on fan’s faces as they spread the news about Lisa’s newest record!


A big congratulations and happy birthday to Lisa! She truly does deserve all the love in the world!