BLACKPINK Lisa’s First Upload To Weibo Took The Platform By Storm

She snatched up the top trending spot and gained massive followers.

For the Chinese show Youth With You 2BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has been participating as one of its mentors. To have easier access to Chinese fans, she created a Weibo account.


Even though the account had existed, she hadn’t posted anything on it until now. She uploaded a video that took the platform by storm, taking the number one trending position.

In the short clip, Lisa greeted fans in English accompanied with Chinese subtitles, personally explaining the reason for finally posting to her account: “Hi Weibo fans. This is Lisa. I created the account for our closer communication.”

She voiced her hope to communicate with fans often, wished fans a Happy New Year, and finished with showering them with love. With a warm smile and finger heart, she not only stole fans’ hearts but became the talk of the platform.

Her brief but heartwarming video garnered over three million mentions, letting Lisa easily slide into the top trending spot.

The video also helped her Weibo reach over one million followers. If Lisa can snatch up the top spot and that many followers with one post, she truly can do anything.


Watch Lisa’s sweet greeting and New Year’s well-wishes for BLINKs here.