BLACKPINK’s Lisa Foiled Her “Youth With You” Castmates’ Plan To Prank Her

Lisa caught on quick to what they were trying to do.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has been fulfilling the role of a mentor for season two of Chinese show Youth With You. Before she met her other castmates, Ella and Kun, for the first time, they decided to welcome her with a fun little prank that Lisa saw right through.

Since Ella and Kun were the first to meet, both of them discussed the best way to prank Lisa, who would be showing up next. After figuring it out and nodding their agreement, they were ready to get started.

When they heard a sound signaling that Lisa must’ve been closeby, they immediately put their plan into action. They found a shared hiding spot before she could come inside the room.

As soon as Lisa opened the door and peeked inside, she was surprised to find there was no one there. All she saw was the long table paired with numerous chairs.

Not believing there wasn’t anyone around, Lisa took in the room. She looked utterly confused by what was happening, especially since she was supposed to be meeting the other castmates. It didn’t take long for her to catch on, noticing something out of place.

Whether it was a piece of their clothing that stuck out from the white of the room or a body part that wasn’t entirely hidden behind the pillar, Lisa quickly picked up on it. She found their hiding place, bending down to get a closer look to confirm it.

When she was sure, she popped in on them. Resting over the top of it, Lisa leaned down and surprised them instead. With a bright smile, she happily said, “Hello.”

Ella and Kun came out of their hiding place and gave Lisa a proper greeting. Ella and Lisa shared a hug while Kun and Lisa shared a handshake, everyone saying, “It’s nice to meet you.”

Although they made a reasonable effort in trying to prank Lisa, she was just too clever, quickly piecing together what was happening and noticing the small details.

Watch Lisa’s adorably confused reaction to Ella and Kun’s spur-of-the-moment prank before ultimately figuring it out here.