BLACKPINK’s Lisa Can’t Go Anywhere Without Her Fluffy Friend

She’s always spotted with it by her side at the airport.

Every member of BLACKPINK is known to have a stuffed animal they can’t bear to be apart from. Lisa isn’t an exception, always carrying around a special friend no matter where she’s traveling.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Many times when Lisa arrived and departed from an airport, fans couldn’t help but notice the stuffed animal one of her staff members would carry for Lisa.

Even when she was seated with her staff, one of them didn’t forget to keep the stuffed animal by Lisa’s side.

From its rounded shape and short ears, there’s no mistaking the fluffy plushy as Lisa’s coveted bear Brown from the LINE FRIENDS collection.

The fact that one of her staff members had to strap the bear onto a backpack proved just how much Lisa didn’t want to be separated from it.

| ctto

Wherever Lisa is headed, her fluffy brown bear won’t be too far behind her. How adorable is that?

| @titamanoban/Twitter


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