BLACKPINK Lisa Reveals Hilarious Reason She’d Love Jisoo As A 5-Year-Old

The choice between a 5-year-old Jisoo and 5 adult Jisoos was too easy for Lisa.

Out of all the questions fans ask their idols, there’s a trend that amuses everyone. Would they prefer a five-year-old version of one of their members or five adult versions of them?

When a BLINK asked BLACKPINK‘s Lisa the question about Jisoo, she didn’t need any time at all to choose the best option and had a funny reason why.

| sooyaaa__/Instagram

Shortly after the fan presented Lisa with the interesting choice, she knew precisely which one she could handle: “Five years.” There were two reasons why.

The first was how adorable the lovely Jisoo would look like a tiny child. Already imagining it, Lisa shared, “She’s going to be super cute.” The last reason was the funniest of them all.

Not only making herself laugh but fans as well, Lisa shared that a young Jisoo wouldn’t be able to bicker with her. “And she can’t fight me.

The response had fans loving how chaotic Jisoo and Lisa are as a duo.

| sooyaaa__/Instagram

See Lisa’s adorably amusing choice between the many sides of Jisoo.


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