A Single Mention Of BLACKPINK’s Lisa Had One Singer Blushing Hard

We’d react the same way:

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is absolutely irresistible. Her dance skills are always jaw-dropping, her rap and vocals skills are amazing, her personality is the cutest, and her visuals are out of this world. It’s really no wonder that she’s gained so many fans over the years, including one singer who loves Lisa so much he blushed hard when she was mentioned.


Thai singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer, The Toys, recently met up with GOT7‘s BamBam during his Black Feathers fan meeting tour and the two brought the house down when they did an amazing performance together.


They also both had a mini question-and-answer session and that’s where Lisa came in. Lisa is a longtime fan of The Toys and has even gotten a special shoutout from him in the past…


Since she’s also best friends with BamBam, when she found out the two of them would be performing together she called BamBam to express her jealousy over the situation. In turn, BamBam revealed this detail to The Toys causing him to get incredibly shy.


But when BamBam revealed that Lisa had also revealed she wanted to sing with The Toys, it was all over for him. The Toys couldn’t stop himself from turning away from the camera to hide…


And when he turned back around his growing blush was incredibly apparent!


Fans think his reaction to simply hearing Lisa’s name, as well as how he reacted when he found out she wants to perform with him too, is absolutely adorable!


Here’s hoping the two of them will be able to work together on something in the future. We know it would be great!